Frequently Asked Questions

When are your full-time auditions and would you accept someone mid-year?

We hold auditions for the NZSD full-time course in September/October in New Zealand and Australia. These auditions are for entry to the School in January of the following year. International students and applicants unable to attend an audition may apply by video audition. We do not accept students mid-year ...How to Apply

What will I be required to dance at the audition?

At the audition for our full-time course, everyone participates in a classical technique class (with pointe work for the women) and a contemporary technique class ...More about the audition

How can I audition if I live outside NZ or Australia?

International students and applicants unable to audition in person may apply by video audition. Applicants accepted on the evidence of a video audition are only offered entry to the School on a provisional basis. There is a fee for auditioning by video.

What age are students at the School?

Students are usually 16 to 18 years old when entering the full-time course. Exceptions may be made during the audition process. Scholars are selected at 10 years old and Associates are usually aged 13 - 16.