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The anniversary celebrations for the New Zealand School of Dance (NZSD), previously known as the National School of Ballet, begin with the publication of a book. Launched at the National Library of New Zealand as the School turned 50 on 6 March 2017, the limited edition book is a stunning collector’s item. It... Read more
Distinguished international performer, teacher and choreographer James O'Hara has accepted a full-time role at the NZSD as a contemporary dance tutor. ‘I’m so happy to be immersed in this wonderfully engaged and supportive environment, sharing with these immensely creative, curious and talented young people every... Read more
The Ballet Foundation of New Zealand has announced it will be providing support for the New Zealand School of Dance’s 2017 Associates Programme. This national programme provides tuition for secondary school students who aspire to a career in dance performance. Students are chosen by audition, and the programme is... Read more
To mark the School’s historic 50th anniversary in 2017 we will be publishing a collector’s book of highlights, honouring alumni, choreographers and teachers who have passed through the School and played a significant role in shaping this country's dance culture. We offer you the opportunity to support this stunning... Read more