Reviews of Choreographic Season 2018

Thursday, 28 Jun 2018 to Saturday, 07 Jul 2018

Excerpts from reviews of STOA, Choreographic Season 2018

The New Zealand School of Dance’s Choreographic Season, which sees its students create their own choreography in collaboration with composer and sound designer Te Aihe Butler, is again a must-see for those who enjoy inventive, contemporary dance. Each time we head to this event there’s a new take from the students, and Stoa, the name of this season, taken from the Greek word στοά, for portico or gallery, is no exception...

Jack Yan, Lucire

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Skillfully choreographing a collection of thoughts

...This collaborative endeavour explores not merely what interests these young people, but what moves them and perhaps more importantly, what disturbs them. It is about the world of today and the possible world of the future, which they and their children will undoubtedly inherit.

What is totally unquestionable, is the striking abilities of the young cast on display here.

Their ensemble work throughout is excellent and full credit must go to director/ contemporary dance tutor, Victoria Colombus...

Ann Hunt, Kapiti Independent

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...My personal favourites were the ones that showcased the emotional range of some of the dancers – the lithe young woman, occasionally partnered by a much taller man, who slowly, desperately unravels is an utterly captivating presence. The man who danced through the tiniest sliver of light. The two women who performed a duet entirely with their hair swept over their faces but still kept the audience riveted. The woman who switched effortlessly between conveying mischief, challenge, longing and more with the slightest flicker of her face...

Jess, The Wellingtonista

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...I was engrossed by two wonderful men (Chris Clegg and LaifaTa’ala) who created really strong tensions - racial? political? social? and dance penned in? or shut out? by a taped white box on the black floor. One of them simply pulled it up and moved on - a small triumph in a dark world!

Thank you to tutors, mentors and the dancers who continue to develop such a strength of talent and training at the New Zealand School of Dance. You are a formidable backbone for the contemporary dance world and I look forward to watching your performance and creative abilities developing in the world after school!

Deirdre Tarrant, Theatreview 

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