The Scholars programme provides training for classical ballet students from the age of 10 (year 6 at school).

The programme focuses on the principles of movement, incorporating the definitions of techique as required in ballet, while embracing musicality and artistry.

Classes are small and the ballet training is supported by allied subjects such as body conditioning. The level of technique and the frequency of classes increase annually to the age of 16 in preparation for the School's full-time course.

While the programme focuses on dancers from the lower North Island, under special circumstances students from other regions are invited to participate. Student progress through a tiered structure is assessed each year and from Level 4 students participate in the four weekends of the Associates programme.

The programme incurs term fees.

How To Become a Scholar

Progression beyond Level 2 is at the discretion of the School.

NZSD Scholars in Pilates class


For more information about the Scholars programme please email Head of Scholars Sue Nicholls or phone 04 381 9252 ext 261