A Dance Video Collaboration

Recently the School’s 1st & 2nd Yr contemporary dance students worked with award-winning dance-film makers Tyler Carney (NZSD contemporary dance graduate) and Joshua Faleatua (Fale) Threading Frames to workshop and learn about the art of dance film-making.

During their time working with them, rather than just putting together a dance-film, Tyler and Fale offered the students insights into the creative process of making a dance film. They engaged with them how and why artistic and technical decisions are made; how to work in this professional arena; and held workshops on many of the varied aspects of dance film-making.

The needs of the dance industry are quickly evolving, and NZSD is preparing our students for these industry changes by including new approaches to making art (such as the use of film) to our curriculum.

Tyler and Fale used the process of taking spaces within the School’s building that are familiar to the students, and transforming them to showcase the spaces through this new dance film.

This video is the result of their work together.

  • Film by Threading Frames
  • Stills Photography by Taylor Galmiche