The New Zealand School of Dance (NZSD) is proud to present this year’s choreographic season, titled Axis. The season celebrates the students’ creative process and offers an insight into the development of their choreographic skills.

·        NZSD 3rd Yr contemporary dance student – Caterina Moreno. Photo by Zoe Whaley

Third-year contemporary dance students collaborate to create their own individual works, guided by tutor, Holly Newsome. Eight short pieces are combined to create a full-length work, allowing students to showcase their talents and perspectives with Newsome’s expertise and guidance.

Newsome is a graduate of the School and has a profound appreciation for the importance of this choreographic undertaking. “Axis is a celebration of dance, where students can begin to find their voices both as artists and as performers. It is the culmination of years of training, and a testament to the many people who have guided and influenced the performers along their journey.” said Newsome.

3rd Year contemporary dance student Elliot Gordon talks about his work with passion and dedication. His choreographic work, a duet, is a beautiful portrayal of love and the conversations that come with it. “The energy of the piece is centred around love and how it can relieve and comfort us during difficult times, which I wanted to capture through movement. Through this duet, I wanted to highlight the unique and special relationship that can be found between two people and how it can be life changing.”

NZSD 3rd Yr contemporary dance students – Cate Leong & Deija Vukona. Photo by Zoe Whaley

After two years of using BATS theatre, the 2023 season is returning to its home base, Te Whaea: National Dance and Drama Centre, located in Newtown.

Choreographic Season will involve a thrilling partnership with Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School. Toi Whakaari’s costume and production team will play an integral role in the development and execution of this exciting season. Additionally, emerging Scenographic Designer, Max de Roy, will lend his creative talents to the project, contributing to its lighting, costume, and stage design. With such a talented group of artists and designers working together, audiences can expect an awe-inspiring performance that resonates long after the last note of music falls away.

With its focus on exploration and experimentation, Axis is not merely a showcase of skill, but a celebration of the creative process itself. The season promises to be a memorable event that will inspire and captivate diverse audiences.

Axis opens at Te Whaea: National Dance and Drama School on 23 June and runs until 29 June 2023. Tickets are from $12 – $25.

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