Exceptional Dancer to Teach at NZSD

Qi Huan, a leading dancer with the Royal New Zealand Ballet, is joining the staff of the New Zealand School of Dance in May.

Qi will be a full-time classical tutor, with a focus on training male dancers on the School’s full-time course.

An exceptional dancer, Qi has been a senior artist with the Royal New Zealand Ballet (RNZB) for the past nine years and has performed many principal roles. Qi partnered US ballet star Gillian Murphy in ‘Giselle’ for the company’s tour of the US earlier this year and in Toa Fraser’s 2013 film.

Qi has always had a passion for teaching. He has a Bachelor Degree of teaching and performing arts in ballet, and taught at the Beijing Dance Academy from 2003 – 04 before coming to New Zealand to join the RNZB.

“To become a ballet teacher has always been one of my future goals and dreams. I’d love to share all my dance knowledge and stage experience with the younger generation”, Qi said of teaching at the NZSD.

“I am so excited to explore and learn more as well as work with all the dedicated and disciplined people at NZSD”.

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Photo: Qi Huan, photographed by Ross Brown for the Royal New Zealand Ballet