Some truly inspiring words penned specially for the School by inspirational guest teacher and international dance luminary, Marilyn Rowe, AM OBE.


As the world we have known continues to shut down and many of the things we have all taken for granted are no longer accessible, maybe it is time to reflect on just what is most important in our lives.

Behind our closed doors there should now be time to reflect upon what sort of world we would like to see on the other side of this unprecedented epidemic.

The madness of a world consumed by a materialistic philosophy, and lives so hectic that there is little time to really consider what is most important to us as human beings has been suspended.

For all of us in the arts it is a most difficult period, particularly for dance students unable to continue to train in the studio with teachers face-to-face.

Students, I am sure, are fearful of an uncertain future as their dreams and aspirations must be put on hold.

You must have confidence that this period in our lives will eventually pass and we must ensure that we will make a better future for our art form and for a world that is maybe sending us a message to do better.

At the right time the dance schools will reopen, the theatre lights will come on, the orchestra will be in the pit and audiences will fill the theatres.

You young people are our future and I feel we must all make it a better future for you and all of humanity.

Reflect upon what you want to say as artists, not just focussing on being amazing technicians. Be generous, be kind, continue to dream and try to focus on a future that WILL come.