Florian Teatiu, who graduated from the New Zealand School of Dance in 2009 is now dancing with Ballett Wiesbaden in Germany.

“Here in Germany it has been a big change for me. First job, first pay, first European winter, different culture… But in all it has been wonderful and it is only getting better! The company life is great, we are 24 dancers and all different nationalities. It is much like a big family, there is a good working atmosphere. The work itself is quite challenging for me, because you have to move very very fast and dance enormously big. And having long limbs makes it hard but fun!

I love the work we are doing. It is mainly the director’s work, and we also get work from NDT. Since I have been here, I have been quite lucky with casts. Because they gave me a lot of main roles and soloist parts. Which I didn’t expect as a ‘new one’ in the company. Now we are working on our choreographic season. Dancers from the company get to choreograph their own piece. And then we have three more months until the end of the season.

I hope everyone is good back in New Zealand. I miss the school. I hope to be back soon to visit.