“But the dancing itself, which is primarily what we’re here for, is beautifully modulated and impeccably performed. All these performers can expect to find professional careers and good work somewhere. One is an absolute knockout and would score a job tomorrow in many a company worldwide.”

Michelle Potter on Dancing
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“Congratulations to the Contemporary dance staff of the NZSD under the leadership of Paula Steeds-Huston and to Season Director Victoria Colombus. Their young dancers are exciting and excellent! The teaching at our national training school gets better and better.”

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“Watene’s piece touched me the most. It begins with audio from a collection of conversations in te reo Māori with a feature of E Papā Waiare. It sounded like audio from a home movie and as I am bicultural, hearing a language other than our dominant English took me straight back to some of the films my grandmother took of us as children. This emotional core remained throughout ‘Pāpā’ as Courtney Mae Lim begins in a soft circle of light, and a bench is brought for the remaining dancers to sit on upstage, emphasising my interpretation of a home movie.”

Art Murmurs
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Photos by Stephen A’Court