NZSD is pleased to present “Tools for Teachers II – Stretch versus Strength”, a non-syllabus based seminar for dance educators from all teaching backgrounds and affiliations. 

Presented by two of New Zealand’s foremost dance professionals: Sarah Fitzsimons and Jane Woolley, who will share specific methods they employ to achieve positive results, along with simple strengthening and aligning exercises that you can apply to your teaching immediately. 

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The aims of this seminar are for teachers to:

  • Feel more confident in their understanding of what anatomical structures are being stretched and how to do this safely.
  • Discuss and acquire tools to help students understand and apply correct stretching and strengthening techniques.
  • Incorporate some specific stretching and strengthening principles into dance technique classes for optimal performance and injury prevention.
  • Promote discussion regarding the influence of social media images and how we balance that with safe dance practice and injury prevention.